How did we get started?

I have always been very internet savvy and extremely curious. If I think about something then I look it up. I made my first website and of course that came with a lot of research on its own. I wanted to make sure I did everything right. While in the process of this research and build mission I started to learn about social media.


I subscribe to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc all one by one. I put all of my focus on each platform to ensure I knew as much as possible about each one. I know your probably thinking that if I focused on each platform one at a time does that mean that the pages were left inactive. Yes, I did leave them inactive. I was in a learning phase.

I didn’t even realize at the time how important social media was. I just wanted to get my website running and get the cash coming in. Before you ask no that didn’t exactly work like that. How was people supposed to know about my website if I didn’t market of social media? Duh, right? LOL Hey don’t you laugh at me.

So I gathered what I knew about each platform and put it all to use. I opened a browser for each platform and went to work. After realizing how important social media was I never closed those browser. Yes, I literally kept open each browser for each platform. I had to make sure that I didn’t miss a beat.

I wanted up to answer questions asap, reply to comments, and most of all make sure that I remembered to post up to date content as often as possible. When those numbers from likes, comments, followers, etc started coming in I was more than ecstatic.

So much so that I had forgot that my main reason for getting started was to get my website known so that I could make sales.