My Biggest Learned Lesson in Marketing


Lesson Learned

When I first started marketing I thought, you put the information out and everyone is going to automatically see it. Was I right or wrong? You may have guess it. I was both. But how I was both is where I apparently got my lines crossed.

What’s This Info

See, when you put new information out there the only people that are going to see it are the ones that knows about it or was expecting it rather. You have to have you audience’s attention first. Unless they happen to stumble upon you in some wonderful weird way., which is always good news. You have to actually put in all of the work. Will be easy? The most honest answer I can give is, to each its own. If you love social media and have it down to a science you may be in luck. The biggest thing in that little thing they like to call a “niche”. The more you know the more you can share. The more you can do and share.

What you post had to appeal to your audience. You have to know what you are talking about and how to effectively delivery your message. If people don’t like or even understand where you are going with your information why would they share it with others? Why would they subscribe to your channels or pages. I know its not rocket science but its really more to it than you think. You may think you have the greatest idea and post all about it only to find out that no one cares.

Touch Break

This is what I found out the hard way. I just knew I had it all setup and ready to blast off. I was creating and posting and creating and posting, and guess what?



NOTHING happened.

No visitors. No shares. Nothing. I couldn’t believe it. When I talked to people normally they were over interested. So what happened? The first thing was that they didn’t know I was going to post these things. They had no idea what I was talking about when I used my business page and everything completely un related. I was posting any and everything. Completely forgot about that niche things.

Naturally I shut down. Took some time to plan and started over.

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Please tell me I am not alone. What was the biggest lessons you learned in your business?


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How did we get started?

I have always been very internet savvy and extremely curious. If I think about something then I look it up. I made my first website and of course that came with a lot of research on its own. I wanted to make sure I did everything right. While in the process of this research and build mission I started to learn about social media.


I subscribe to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc all one by one. I put all of my focus on each platform to ensure I knew as much as possible about each one. I know your probably thinking that if I focused on each platform one at a time does that mean that the pages were left inactive. Yes, I did leave them inactive. I was in a learning phase.

I didn’t even realize at the time how important social media was. I just wanted to get my website running and get the cash coming in. Before you ask no that didn’t exactly work like that. How was people supposed to know about my website if I didn’t market of social media? Duh, right? LOL Hey don’t you laugh at me.

So I gathered what I knew about each platform and put it all to use. I opened a browser for each platform and went to work. After realizing how important social media was I never closed those browser. Yes, I literally kept open each browser for each platform. I had to make sure that I didn’t miss a beat.

I wanted up to answer questions asap, reply to comments, and most of all make sure that I remembered to post up to date content as often as possible. When those numbers from likes, comments, followers, etc started coming in I was more than ecstatic.

So much so that I had forgot that my main reason for getting started was to get my website known so that I could make sales.

Why We Do This

That First Step

Like all others before us we know what it is like to make that initial presence into the world of social media. Where do I start? How do I get people to follow me? Those are the first thing that comes to mind when you open you pages.


Let’s make you presence in the social world!

Social Media Platforms

There are so many platforms to choose from. How do you decide which to open first? Well you might think that maybe I should try Facebook or twitter. Which one will get me the most attention? This is simple. All of them. Yes, you heard (well read) me right. You want to get as much attention as possible. Why not right? This is especially if you offer a product or service. Don’t you want as many people to know about you as possible? If you said no, then maybe you should stick to one or two platforms. If you said yes then you should get on as many platforms as possible.

Not everyone uses the same platform. You may have someone that uses only Facebook or maybe only Twitter. Or maybe you have someone that uses all platforms available. Well even when you have someone that uses all platforms, guess what? They can’t see all of them at the same time. Not only that but every platform is different. Your post might get lost in the midst of everyone else post on the page. This is why it is best to get on as many platforms as possible so the chances of being seen and heard is greater.