The Art of scraps is all about piecing together all

the components that make you and your brand….

                                    well YOU!


We know the hard work of getting started and that’s why

we want to make the experience as easy going as possible.



Is it hard work? YES


That doesn’t mean that we cant have fun while we do this.


Arts of Scraps offers full service social media marketing. We are located in Detroit with clients within and outside the country.

Perhaps you are contemplating on how to get more customers; we take pleasure in knowing your story, your products and your clients, so that we know exactly how your brand should adapt to the rise and fall of the online world.

Specifically, we develop peculiar, bespoke strategies that put your business in the limelight, send your message to customers and make you a force to be reckon with in the social media marketing world.

We are a team of 5 social media marketing professionals; all open to help you grow your business online and deliver great results.